Natalia studied art at UCSC and graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree in 2003. Her love for art lead her to develop after school art programs for youth centers in Santa Cruz and Alaska. From 2011-2018 Natalia opened her own studio in Topanga Canyon, Topanga Art Imaginarium. She taught painting and drawing to children and adults year round. Natalia’s passion for art is fueled by teaching others to discover their creative voice. Currently she teaches private classes from her home in Topanga Canyon while raising her son. 


Natalia is currently working with acrylic and resin. She approaches her own work the same as she approaches meditation. When she enters a painting her intention is to be in a clear and positive space. She believes paintings are a reflection of one’s inner state. Each piece begins with a “map”. She draws a series of lines on the blank canvas to create a simple structure. After she builds the "mood" for the piece by defining a range of colors to work with. At this point the painting begins to unfold. Natalia's approach blends her intuitive and technical skills. Her paintings are inspired by nature  and the cycles of life. 

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